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Tell me more

About Leonie Vlaar | Slow Fashion

From waste to minimalistic design

Hey you!

As a Slow Fashion Designer I create clothing and accessories

that amplify your personality by being your unique self.

This is timeless and what to me “Slow Fashion” is all about.


I strongly believe in slowing down the fashion industry

by focussing on personal style, organizing the production process locally

and solely using sustainable fabrics.


Custom-made clothing is a beautiful traditional craft

and I involve you in every step of the process.

From sketch, to finding the right sustainable fabrics, to a fitting session.


Every detail is discussed.

Local collaborations

I collaborate with local textile innovations like the Dutch weaving mill Enschede Textielstad.

Which is a great example for our fashion industry to recycle our textile waste

into completely new, high quality fabrics.


I extend the lifecycle as long as possible

by giving you the best care-instructions and repairing them if needed.

When you don’t use your item anymore, please bring it back to me.

I’ll make sure it gets a new and sustainable life.

Let’s make conscious decisions together.

 Leonie Vlaar


Kickstart - sewing lesson - naailes